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Youth Volunteering 14 -25's

If you are aged between 14 and 25 years old your local Youth Volunteer Officer can help you find a volunteering opportunity that suits you. Check out all current opportunities by clicking here for the Volunteering Wales Web Site We can offer you a face-to-face informal chat either at our Head Office in Newport or arrange to meet you at a convenient place for you. We can also offer advice and support over the phone or via email – You can choose the option that’s best for you!



Whether you are already volunteering, or when you start volunteering, you can easily register for the Millennium Volunteer Programme…If you are interested please click here to download application form & complete and return this application form.

Millennium Volunteering is offered through Gwirvol, a uniquely diverse partnership in Wales, promoting, supporting and driving forward youth volunteering led by the views of young people. Millennium volunteering (MV) was set up as a way of recognising and rewarding the volunteering that young people carry out in their communities.



The MV programme:

·     Is designed to formally recognise and reward your volunteering.

·     Is aimed at encouraging young people to take part in volunteering opportunities that offers them the chance to give 200 hours of their time to a project of their choice - although you can continue to volunteer for as long as you wish.

   Can possibly help with expenses relating to your volunteering.



Certificates – these are a great way of showing work experience, employability (you can ask your placement to act as a reference in job applications), commitment and community spirit. If you are currently volunteering or have done so in the last three months, then your hours can be included. Certificates are awarded to recognise 50 and 100 hours of volunteering as stepping stones towards the 200 hours Award of Excellence certificate, which is signed by the First Minister for Wales. There is also the option of receiving an MV50 Sport certificate if you volunteer within a sports or activity setting.



Organisations looking to recruit volunteers can advertise their volunteering opportunities by registering on the Volunteering Wales website by clicking here A guide for helping you do this can be found here or contact us and we will be happy to help. If you have young volunteers within your group or organisation, Gwirvol offers grants that support youth volunteering. Click here for more information.




 My name is Siân Sweet and I am the Youth Volunteer Officer for Blaenau Gwent

 My usual days of work are Wednesday & Thursday 8am to 4pm,

 although I  can be flexible.


 Contact me on 01633 241552 / 07483 128072 or email:




 My name is Bev Boulton and I am the Youth Volunteer Officer for Caerphilly and Monmouthshire

 My usual working days are  Tuesday & Wednesday 9am – 5pm for Caerphilly

                                          Monday & Thursday 9am - 5pm for Monmouthshire


 Contact me on 01633 247672/ 07483 128088 or  email:       




 My name is Giselle Mansfield-Robinson and I am the Youth Volunteer Officer for Newport.

 My usual working days are Monday,8am-5pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 8am – 11.30am


 Contact me on 01633 241554 or  email:

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